Symphonic works

Submerging into the Peaceful Sea – 2017

Submerging into the Peaceful Sea is a piece where the listener will experience a journey from the surface of a big sea to the very deep, deep bottom of it. The music goes from being calm and ambient to lively with mixed senses of adventure and uncertainty. The style is in one way minimalistic but still variable with changing dynamics, tempos and orchestral sounds and effects.  Submerging into the Peaceful Sea was composed in 2017 for a workshop with NorrlandsOperans symfoniorkester, Umeå, Sweden.

Planet X – 2016

Planet X is about the idea of an unknown planet that is slowly coming closer to us. The music is atmospheric, big and majestic with a lot of spectral sounds and dynamic effects. The whole piece is written in a strict retrograde form, which means it would sound exactly the same if it would be performed backwards. Planet X was composed in 2016 for a workshop with NorrlandsOperans symfoniorkester, Umeå, Sweden.

Multiverse – 2014

My first symphonic piece Multiverse is about the theory of parallel universes. I wrote the piece shortly after my grandfathers passing, wishing that I could have been seeing him in a parallell universe where he still lived. The music contains groups of triad chords stacked on top of eachother and colourful orchestration. Multiverse was composed in 2016 for a workshop with NorrlandsOperans symfoniorkester, Umeå, Sweden.

Musical – Livet är en deadline

Livet är en deadline (Life is a deadline) is a pop musical written and directed by me. It premiered in 2015 together with my classmates at The college of music in Piteå. The musical is about the composer student Adam who wants to create his own musical for his thesis work. Adam struggles with social anxeity but tries his best to find the musicians who are willing to play in his musical. Adam has a secret crush in his friend Ida, a real party girl who helps Adam finding the musicians one by one with different weird but effective methods. Henry is a new composer student at the school. Henry doesn’t like pop music and tries his best to sabotage Adams work and his romantical interest with Ida. The professor, a crazy caffinated man also appears now and then with very good advices for composing music, or at least he thinks so himself.

Adam has to find the musicians and complete his musical before his deadline. Will he make it? Watch below and find out!