Musical – Livet är en deadline

Livet är en deadline (Life is a deadline) is a pop musical written and directed by me. It premiered in 2015 together with my classmates at The college of music in Piteå. The musical is about the composer student Adam who wants to create his own musical for his thesis work. Adam struggles with social anxeity but tries his best to find the musicians who are willing to play in his musical. Adam has a secret crush in his friend Ida, a real party girl who helps Adam finding the musicians one by one with different weird but effective methods. Henry is a new composer student at the school. Henry doesn’t like pop music and tries his best to sabotage Adams work and his romantical interest with Ida. The professor, a crazy caffinated man also appears now and then with very good advices for composing music, or at least he thinks so himself.

Adam has to find the musicians and complete his musical before his deadline. Will he make it? Watch below and find out!

Track – Livet är en deadline

Title track for the musical – Vocals and piano

Track – Mormors sång

Ballad and reggae – Vocals, piano, bass, drums, trumpet, cello, guitar and harpsichord

Track – Min bryggare

Pop/rock – Vocals, piano, bass, drums, trumpet, cello and guitar